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The Kobayashi Sake Brewerymap a-4

Warehouses in the setting sun

The Kobayashi Sake Brewery, originally established in Sapporo in 1878, is the oldest of its kind in Hokkaido. The founder, Kobayashi Yonesaburo, had a dream of decorating Hokkaido with brocade, so he created the brand ‘Kita no Nishiki’, northern brocade.
In 1901 the factory shifted to its present location, with its plentiful supply of fine water from the Yubari River. Ahead of other brewers, Kobayashi pioneered the use of Hokkaido-grown rice for sake making. His aim was to produce a truly local sake, made entirely by Hokkaido people from Hokkaido rice and Hokkaido water.
On the premises are several sake warehouses and other buildings more than 100 years old, built in Western-style from brick and Sapporo stone.
In 2006 thirteen of the buildings, including warehouses 1-6, a materials storehouse and a residence, were designated national cultural properties. Other attractions include the hand-made soba restaurant ‘Kinsuian’ and the restaurant ‘Kura’, where Kuriyama croquettes feature on the menu.

Location109 - 3 Chome, Nishiki, Kuriyama
EnquiriesKobayashi Sake Brewery Ltd Tel 0123-72-1001

Kita no Nishiki Museum

Housed in the former company main office, built in 1944. Around 5,000 items related to sake brewing and its history on display. Warehouse tours, sake sales and sampling also available.

SeasonAll year (apart from New Year holidays)
Opening hoursApril ~ October 10:00 a.m. ~ 5:00 p.m.
November ~ March 10:00 a.m. ~ 4:00 p.m.
FacilitiesCar park (20 spaces), bus parking also available, toilets
AccessAbout 5 minutes by car from JR Kuriyama Station (about 10 minutes walk)

※Guided tours of sake warehouses available
(limited to groups of ten persons or more)

Kita no Nishiki Museum
Shop and sampling area


Kuriyama Traditional Business Festival

Sake on sale at the Kobayashi Sake Brewery

This springtime event is jointly organized by two of Kuriyama's old-established businesses, the Kobayashi Sake Brewery and the Tanida Confectionery Company (founded in 1913).
A range of sakes are offered for sampling and sale as well as traditional kibi dango (millet confectionery).

Dates2nd Saturday and Sunday in April
LocationNishiki 3 Chome, Kuriyama
EnquiriesOrganizing Committee, Kobayashi Sake Brewery / Tel 0123-72-1001
AccessAbout 10 minutes walk from Kuriyama JR Station.
Special car parks provided and free buses to and from Kuriyama JR Station.


Kuriyama Summer Festival

On the first day there is a parade featuring local performing arts and a portable shrine procession.
On the second day there are Japanese traditional drum performances by more than twenty groups from all over Hokkaido. The combined performance when all the teams drum together is particularly stunning.

Dates4th Friday and Saturday in July
Location2 Chome and 3 Chome, Kuriyama
EnquiriesOrganizing Committee (Kuriyama Chamber of Commerce) / TEL 0123-72-1278
AccessAbout 5 minutes walk from Kuriyama JR Station. Special car parks provided.

Combined performance by traditional Japanese drum groups


Kuriyama Tenman Shrine Main Festival

Festival stalls thronging with visitors

One of the largest shrine festivals in Hokkaido, with more than 300 stalls and booths.
As well as the Kuriyama Food Festival featuring local products, there is a lion dance, a portable shrine procession and a children's sumo tournament in the shrine precinct.

Dates24 ~ 26 September
Location1 Chome, 2 Chome, 3 Chome and Sakura Oka, Kuriyama
EnquiriesKuriyama Tourism Association (Kuriyama Chamber of Commerce) / TEL 0123-72-1278
AccessAbout 5 minutes walk from Kuriyama JR Station. Special car parks provided.


Kakuta Lion Dance Torch Festivalmap a-3

This event has been performed at Kuriyama Shrine since 1953. As a bell is struck at midnight to mark the end of the old year and the beginning of the new, a dramatic lion dance is performed on the snow in the shrine precinct. It is intended to pray for good crops and protection from ill-fortune.

Date1 January
LocationKakuta 165, Kuriyama (Kuriyama Shrine)
EnquiriesKakuta Lion Dance Preservation Society / TEL 0123-72-1613
AccessAbout 10 minutes by car from JR Kuriyama Station

Lion Dance