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Yuchi no Oka Eco Village, Kuriyamamap b-4

Projected image of development

Kuriyama's location provides easy access to Sapporo and Shin Chitose Airport.
It has relaxing and delightful natural surroundings. The compact town centre contains medical facilities, a shopping precinct and a shopping mall.
Kuriyama has a highly-developed welfare system and would like to attract people from other places to move in and settle.

This housing development takes advantage of its sloping aspect to offer superb rural views.
It features special 'Environmental Guidelines' which ensure that buildings harmonize with the environment and that greenery, open areas and views are preserved.
The services of landscape architectural advisors and recommended builders are available to create space for harmonious lifestyles.

Number of residential sites38 (Overall area of development 30,443 m2)
Price per site¥2,467,000 (328.98m2) ~ ¥8,269,000 (1181.37m2)
Enquiries, further informationKuriyama Brand Promotion Section, Kuriyama Town Office

Site plan example

View from the housing development